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President Joe Biden is set to announce that he is running for re-election on Tuesday, 4 years after he announced his initial campaign. The news comes after former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell testified that following a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, then a Biden campaign adviser, reached out to […]

Pendleton Heights High School will be holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss the fate of counselor Kathy McCord. McCord was placed on indefinite leave after she criticized the school system for withholding information about student gender transitions from parents. Specifically, she was criticizing a “gender support plan” that would not inform parents about a student’s […]

Former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has announced that he will not be running for Senate. The news comes as a bit of a surprise, as there had been speculation that he would in fact run for the seat being vacated in 2024 by Senator Mike Braun, who is running for governor. Daniels, who also served […]

The Memphis Police Department has placed 6th officer on leave following the release of video showing officers beating Tyre Nichols to death. The officer, Preston Hemphill, was recorded on bodycam footage using a stun gun on Nichols during the arrest. Hemphill has been on leave since the investigation into the incident began, but he has […]

Around the country, the COVID-19 vaccine requirements are changing. Last week, the FDA unanimously voted to switch to a one-shot vaccine approach, instead of the main shot and booster combination that has been used. The vaccine panel is also considering making the shot an annual one, in the same way that the flu vaccine is. […]

An employee of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer was caught on camera admitting the company plans to mutate the COVID virus to profit on vaccine sale. The video, created by Project Veritas, shows Jordon Trishton Walker, who is the Director of one of Phizer’s Research and Development departments, on what he believes is a date. Later […]

Potential jurors in the Delphi double-murder case will come from Ft. Wayne, it has been announced. The high profile case has gripped the community of Delphi since Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered in 2017. When Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the deaths of the two girls, one of the big concerns […]

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s lawyer found several documents marked as “classified” in the VP’s home in Indiana last week. The search was completed in the wake of the discovery of classified documents in the home of President Biden. These documents were reportedly from when he was Vice President from 2008-2016. The search was done […]

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the White House yesterday, during his first trip out of Ukraine since the war against Russia began. Zelenskyy and President Joe Biden held a joint press conference, where Zelenskyy thanked Biden and American’s in general for their support during the war. President Biden also promised the continued support of the […]

President Biden has admitted there will be more southern border crossings once Title 42 ends, and has asked the Supreme Court for more time to phase out the provision.   During the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols were put in place to keep out and immediately deport illegal aliens. President Biden’s request to maintain those protocols for […]