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Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony on Capitol Hill was “political bloodsport at its worst,” WIBC host Tony Katz told listeners Wednesday morning.

Barr viciously clashed with Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday amid accusations that he abused his authority and is carrying out President Trump’s political wishes following riots that occurred after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

In point of fact, the entire day, which was overwhelmingly saturated with political grandstanding from Democrats played more like an ongoing tirade than legitimate questioning. It was shameful and it was ugly.


“It was absolutely ridiculous and the purpose was apparently not to hear anything about Russia. It was not to hear anything about the origins. It was not to do fact-finding. It was attack, attack, attack.

“If you watched the hearing yesterday, you learned that Democrats don’t actually believe that any violence is being committed! They will not admit that it is violent in Portland or Seattle. The firebombing of the church in Washington D.C.? Let’s not talk about that; let’s talk about Trump taking a photo with a Bible. Jerry Nadler thinks ANTIFA is a myth!

“The reality is that these were not just protesters. There was an extraordinary amount of violent people, and it had to be dealt with. Of course, it’s a national security issue and it had to be dealt with.

“The progressive party is living in a fantasy world and they were out to destroy the Attorney General… But I didn’t say William Barr wasn’t ready.”

Tony breaks down the very best of Attorney General Barr’s contentious back-and-forth with the House Judiciary Committee in the clip below.

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