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We are EXCITED to get our lawns going. May is here and it’s time to get planting! While you are fertilizing the lawn (with Step One: Crab Grass Preventer of course) you might notice grubs are out and about. Grubs can cause all sorts of problems in the lawn, from dry patches to causing chunks of grass to peel up like carpet.

However, don’t freak out! Pat says there is no need to run to the store to grab that grub control just yet. In fact you have some time before it’ll be effective.

Wait until about June 20th… the grubs you see now are adult grubs and are soon going to turn into beetles. They’re not doing any damage to the lawn, so if you put grub control down now it’s just too early.”

Once June 20th rolls around, grab some grub killer like this, and use a spreader to protect your lawn well. Be sure to read the label and follow instructions. A lot of the grub control products require you to water the lawn after applying.

Check out more about managing white grubs in turfgrass at Purdue Extension 

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