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STATE WIDE–The economic implications of coronavirus to Indiana’s manufacturers still aren’t clear because it’s uncertain how long shutdowns are going to last. You may hear about unemployment at higher levels than during the Great Depression. But, the Indiana Manufacturers Assoc. head says the industry is doing what it can to help fight the shortages and problems caused by the pandemic.

“You will certainly see a decrease in demand on the retail side, on the manufacturing side,” said association President and CEO Brian Burton, on Tony Katz and the Morning News on WIBC. “You’re gonna see a rise in the pressure, Indiana’s included, on the state’s unemployment trust funds as more and more benefits are being paid out.”

In Indiana about one in five jobs is in or related to manufacturing, which means around 540,000 jobs.

Burton said that manufacturers are retooling where they can to meet the supply needs, which can help keep some people working.

“Not everyone can immediately switch from making one part to another. But, those that can make components are doing so,” he said.

Burton said manufacturers are uniquely qualified to step up to help solve and help alleviate situations that are occurring, with shortages of medical equipment and supplies, especially.