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Sen. Elizabeth Warren told supporters at a small campaign event in Nevada Thursday that while she admits (finally) that she is not a person of color, and therefore, she’s never been ‘slammed into a wall by a police officer.’

Please note, however, that just because she’s as creamy white as they come does NOT mean she’s incapable of related to black folk (who are apparently thrown into walls by cops all the time).

Warren:  “I get it. I am not a woman of color. I never got thrown across the hood. I have the privilege of never having been slammed into the wall by a police officer. But I tell you this. I listen to people who have. I listen and I say, when I am president of the United States, that is not going to happen here.”

WIBC host Tony Katz responded to Sen. Warren’s comments Friday”

“What Elizabeth Warren is doing here is disparaging all cops. According to her, if you’re a woman of color, you’ve been slammed into a hood or a wall – you’re more likely to get slammed into a hood or a wall.

“Let her figure out how to spin this, but nobody asks her or says to her, ‘Are you saying that all police officers are racist and slamming people against the wall?’ They should force her to recognize her failure, but no one ever does it.”

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