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OSGOOD, Ind. — An southeast Indiana teen is a suspect in the deaths of two younger siblings. 

Two-year-old Desiree McCartney died in May of 2017. Less than 90 days later, her 11-month-old brother Nathaniel Ritz died. They lived in Osgood, Indiana in Ripley County. The children’s 14-year-old brother, who’s name is being withheld, is suspected of suffocating the children to death. 

“With the motivation as to why someone would do this, you’re kind of left shrugging your shoulders,” said Ripley County prosecuting attorney Ric Hertel Wednesday. “In my time here, which has been 19 years, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything quite as disturbing as this.”

Hertel said the boy made remarks to detectives during the investigation that he was “freeing his siblings from hell.” The teen is being held in juvenile detention. 

A judge will decide if the suspect will be waived to an adult court or stay in juvenile court. The suspect’s father is currently in prison and the mother is cooperating with the investigation.

(PHOTO: brianajackson/Thinkstock)