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Alright, let’s get one thing straight: Jennifer Aniston is hot. She’s HOT. She’s so freaking HOT. Oh my God is she hot! HOT! 

Jennifer Aniston is under fire for her appearance on the cover of InStyle’s Beauty Issue due to the fact that she looks tan, and white people looking tan is racist now. It’s the equivalent of blackface. If you sunbathe, you’re obviously a member of the KKK in fact.

Also, Jennifer Aniston is hot. 

InStyle’s Sept. 4 edition features a series of shoots inspired by 1960s and 1970s models. One image, in which Aniston (so hot) wears a DKNY bra with a Lalaounis necklace around her neck is quite literally prompting accusations of blackface. 

You’re familiar with Jennifer “Hottie” Aniston, right? She was on “Friends”? The really, really hot one? She played “Rachael”? She was so hot in that.

“See? There WERE black people on Friends!” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “Jennifer Aniston to play Toni Morrison. Scarlett will be busy playing Michelle Obama #blackface,” while another user complained, “Looks like Jen got 4 fours on her front.”

Have a look at the cover for yourself. It’s HOT!


I’ll bet she’s one of those annoying people who look absolutely flawless naked. You know how I know this? Because she’s friggin’ HOT. 

The magazine has not clarified if Aniston’s dark skin was from Photoshop or tanning, so obviously they realize this entire controversy is stupid and unworthy of a response.

Hey, remember that GQ cover Jennifer Aniston did where the only thing covering her naughty bits was a tie? So hot. Seriously, why the hell would Brad Pitt leave her for Angelina Jolie? Angelina has a face like a horse! Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand? HOT!

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