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DES MOINES, Iowa. — Results are still coming from the Iowa Caucuses, but with over 70-percent of votes having been tallied, former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg is leading the field.

With 71-percent of the results in, Buttigieg has collected 10 delegates so far gathering 26-percent of the vote. He leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 25-percent, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 18-percent, and former Vice President Joe Biden with 15-percent.

Buttigieg is wasting no time and is already in New Hampshire campaign for the upcoming their upcoming primary.

“What we already know just amounts to a phenomenal victory for this campaign,” Buttigieg said in New Hampshire. “With a message of unity and boldness, we could connect to in rural, suburban, and urban areas alike.”

The Iowa Caucus results were delayed by almost a full day because of a coding issue in the app the Iowa Democrat Party used to count caucus votes. Once that was remedied, the party decided to manually count all the votes instead.

“You know I know the party will undertake an after-action process, at least I hope they will, to make sure nothing like this ever happens against,” Buttigieg said of the issues with vote counting.

Buttigieg has a confidence boost of the success in Iowa and said he believes he can better connect now with voters of color and in urban areas under the ultimate goal of defeating President Trump in the general election.

(PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)