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They can seem distant, expensive, and involved in complex matters. Many jokes portray them in a negative light. However, opinions change dramatically when you need legal help. The scales of justice aren’t tipping in their favor in the Hoosier state.

People often have mixed feelings about lawyers. This paradox is especially pronounced in states like Indiana, recently named one of the toughest places to practice law.

Shaking hands, A group of lawyers and clients engage in a professional meeting at a law office, discussing agreements, contracts, and legal matters with a focus on justice and expert advice.

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A recent study found Indiana is one of the toughest states to be a lawyer. Hennessey Digital, a digital marketing firm, ranked Indiana eleventh on this list. The study considered factors like legal job listings and cost of living.

Indiana scored 65.11 out of 100. It has a low number of lawyers, with only 15,485 in the state. This makes the legal environment very competitive.



Jason Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Digital, said, “The legal profession is competitive and exclusive. This study shows some states are harder for lawyers than others.”

Mississippi is the hardest state for lawyers, followed by Arkansas and West Virginia. These states have low average salaries and few legal job listings.

Top 10 toughest states to be a lawyer:

Rank  State  Final Score
1 Mississippi 76.90
2 Arkansas 74.38
3 West Virginia 72.34
4 Iowa 69.17
5 South Dakota 68.58
6 Alabama 68.34
7 Idaho 66.75
8 Wyoming 65.75
9 Maine 65.60
10 North Dakota 65.27

Indiana’s ranking shows the challenges lawyers face in the state. The study provides insights for those considering a legal career, highlighting the different difficulties across states.