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The new CEO of Crackel Barrel is saying their rustic, Southern country theme is no longer relevant and they need to make some major changes.

“We’re just not as relevant as we once were,” Cracker Barrel CEO Julie Felss Masino said in a recent conference call to discuss her plans to update the restaurants.

Masino, a former Taco Bell executive who stepped into the role of Cracker Barrel CEO in August, said the company “has lost some of its shine” and needs a “transformation” to continue to appeal to its current customer base and bring in new diners. Cracker Barrel’s sales have flatlined, with revenue for its most recent quarter unchanged at $935.4 compared with a year earlier, while its stock has tumbled 40% so far in 2024.

So what does this mean for the charming chain restaurant? Cracker Barrel has created a “strategic transformation plan” that will make changes to its overall brand, menu, digital presence, and customer and employee experience to increase relevancy and expand profit.

Vero Beach, Florida, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurant, customers paying at cashier counter

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“Cracker Barrel is an iconic brand with an exceptionally strong foundation, and I firmly believe our plans will allow us to capitalize on our strengths and deliver long-term success,” Masino said.

The restaurant has been trying out some new menu items that could be coming to Cracker Barrel locations across the country. According to Masino, the chain has been testing green chili cornbread, banana pudding and more.

The restaurant also plans to add hashbrown casserole shepherd’s pie, premium savory chicken and rice and slow-braised pot roast.

Cracker Barrel is also known for their gift shop. Masino said they will debut a prototype merchandise store that is 15% smaller than its current store in fall 2025. She said there’s potential to create an even smaller prototype.