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Friend of the show “Kelly from Avon” called Guy asking about his take of the new ATF rule, tightening regulation of private arms sales.

921(a)(21)(C) by eliminating the requirement that a person’s “principal objective” of purchasing and reselling firearms must include both “livelihood and profit” and replacing it with a requirement that the person must intend “to predominantly earn a profit.” The BSCA therefore removed the requirement to consider income for “livelihood” when determining that a person is

“engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms at wholesale or retail. The definition of “to predominantly earn a profit” now focuses only on whether the intent underlying the sale or disposition of firearms is predominantly one of obtaining pecuniary gain. ~ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

The changed regulatory language above by the ATF will broaden its view of what it deems as prohibited sales, as earning a profit is a far lower hurdle than “livelihood and profit.”

Guy Relford:

Like ATF always does, they’re acting too broadly, and they’re going to catch up a lot of legitimate people who are just collectors, law abiding people, who truly are collectors, or who simply enjoy firearms, who are not trying to make a profit.  And they are going to get caught up in this.

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