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Source: Donnie Burgess / WIBC News

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — The prosecutor in the Delphi murders case is now going after the employment records of a key defense witness.

During the March 18th hearing, former Rushville police chief Todd Click was called by the attorneys for suspect Richard Allen. It was during Click’s testimony that he detailed a previous investigation into Odinism and other potential suspects, years before Allen was arrested and charged with the 2017 murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.

Click, now an Indiana State Police agent, testified that he was a part of a three-man investigative team dating back to 2018. Click testified that he felt there was a much stronger case against other men in the Delphi area and that the case against Richard Allen was weak.

Now, Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland has filed a motion requesting records related to Todd Click’s employment, and in that motion, Prosecutor McLeland states that Click’s employment record may show a history of lying.

McLeland also wants Special Judge Fran Gull to deny the defense’s motion to suppress apparent confessions made by Richard Allen, and request the defense show concrete evidence that Allen was indeed threatened into giving a false confession and for the defense to name those involved.

The defense team for Richard Allen also filed a motion Tuesday. Attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi are once again asking for sanctions against Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland, accusing him of a history of turning over crucial discovery evidence to the defense sometimes months after it was due.

Allen’s legal team claims McLeland has done this on purpose and continues to throw in enormous amounts of unrelated material, all to distract the legal team.

The attorneys want McLeland sanctioned by the court and want Judge Gull to instruct the jury that the prosecution “received certain evidence that tended to exonerate the defendant on May 1, 2023, but failed to turn over that evidence for over 4 months and that said failure to timely produce that evidence to the defense was a violation of the rules.”

The trial is supposed to begin May 13th.