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Ascension St. Vincent’s 700th heart transplant

Source: Ascension St. Vincent / Submitted Photo

INDIANAPOLIS — Ascension St. Vincent recently achieved a major milestone by completing their 700th heart transplant. Lisa Evans, a resident of Carmel, was fortunate to be the recipient. Lisa has been battling heart issues since 2003 and found herself in the ICU towards the end of last year.

“I’m a walking miracle,” said Evans. “I honestly feel like I got wonderful care at Ascension St. Vincent. And I have a new birthday. I’m changing my birthday to the 10th of December.”

Ascension St. Vincent started doing heart transplants in 1987. The first person to get one was Doris Chisko. Even though it was scary at first, Doris’s transplant worked, and she got to spend 13 more years with her family.

Lisa Shellcrosslee, one of Doris Chisko’s daughters, said, “We’re so grateful. Mom took a chance, and because of that, we got 13 extra years with her.”

“Every heart is a reason to celebrate. Every 100 we get to, and now 700, is a testament to the dedication of our team, our patients, and their caregivers,” said Dr. Sunit-preet Chaudhry.

Ascension St. Vincent is renowned for performing numerous heart transplants and other heart procedures in the state of Indiana. They are the leading Heart Program in the state, with multiple offices, hospitals, and a large team of heart doctors and surgeons who collaborate to provide assistance to people in need.