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On Sunday, anti-oil protesters threw soup on the revered Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris. This enraged Tony Katz on his syndicated “Tony Katz Today” show:

The destruction of artwork is the kind of stuff that ISIS does, and I believe in responding to that with such absolute force that people become afraid. Art matters, art separates us from the animals, the expression of the soul is extremely valuable, incredibly important.

This story was only the lead in for what Tony wanted to talk about this segment. Seth MacFarlane on Real Time with Bill Maher was puzzled why Maher doesn’t trust the press. To illustrate Maher’s argument Tony played two example clips from MSNBC. Then he played the following clip 2 minutes in:

Tony asks:

Seth MacFarlane doesn’t know that the vast majority of national media is fully engaged in moving narrative, and not engaged in honest commentary?

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