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JAY COUNTY, Ind.–The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana has now filed a second lawsuit against Jay County School leaders for what they believe are “invasive searches” of students.

The second lawsuit was filed Thursday on behalf of a student being identified as S.H. The ACLU says she was required to expose her bra and chest during two invasive searches carried out in front of multiple school leaders, one of which was the Dean of Students at Jay County Jr-Sr High School, Bradley Milleman.

The complaint says the student was searched twice for a vape and during one of those searches, Milleman touched the back of the student’s bra clasp and required to show her cleavage in another instance. The lawsuit says this violates the Fourth Amendment and has caused mental and emotional harm to S.H.

Nearly two weeks ago, the ACLU of Indiana says Milleman removed a 13-year-old girl from class, without any explanation, and preceded to escort her to the school nurse’s office, where the nurse required her to lift her shirt up, exposing her bra.

That girl, who has been identified as K.S., has not returned to the school and is now being schooled at home as a result of this, says the lawsuit.

“The searches being conducted at Jay County Jr. Sr. High School are completely unreasonable and have caused emotional harm to these young girls,” said Ken Falk, legal director at the ACLU of Indiana. “Schools are not constitutional dead zones and we are hopeful that the court will hold these school officials accountable.”