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Vicky and Casey White portrait in uniform and mugshot, respectively

Source: PHOTOS: Provided by Alabama law enforcement

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — You may remember Alabama inmate Casey White, who escaped jail last year and was caught in Evansville. He now claims he committed murder while in Indiana.

In an interview with NewsNation back in December of 2022, Casey White said he killed a woman and a baby while hiding out at an Evansville motel with jail guard Vicky White, who helped him escape last April.

White says the bodies have not been found. Police in Evansville aren’t convinced he’s telling the truth.

“We checked all of our missing persons around that time, [and we] didn’t come up with anything,” says Sergeant Anna Gray with the Evansville Police Department, “we went through all of our reports just to make sure we didn’t have any reports of any found human remains.”

Sgt. Gray says the department doesn’t want to necessarily say Casey White is lying with 100-percent certainty, but they’re just not seeing any evidence pointing to him telling the truth.

Gray explains, “at this time, you know with limited information, we’re kind of at a standstill until either he provides more information, or someone calls in.”

Casey and Vicky White spent eleven days on the run, until they were recognized by an Evansville car wash owner. Police tracked them down and a chase began. The chase ended when Casey White went off road on Highway 41. Vicky White fatally shot herself in the head before police got to the car.

Casey White was originally charged with her murder, but that was later dismissed.

He was sentenced to life in prison June 8th, 2023, in a capitol murder case.

As for White’s Evansville claim, the most Sgt. Anna Gray can say at this time is if you haven’t heard from a family member for a long time, who also happened to be in the area during the time the Whites were, then you should call Evansville Police.