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Police lights

Source: (PHOTO: Thinkstock/barbol88)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Shoppers at an Evansville Mall ran and hid from what they thought was an active shooting Saturday night. Police arrested two minors for bringing a gun to a fight.

Two Evansville Police Department officers were in the parking lot to Eastland Mall, when people began to run and evacuate.

They were yelling that shots were fired inside.

Police say that the two officers, and two off-duty sheriff’s deputies, responded to 911 calls about a large fight with guns being pulled out.

The mall went into lockdown and police searched store to store. No shots were fired, but police did find a handgun outside and an extended magazine inside.

Four suspects believed to be involved in the fight were detained on the scene. Two juveniles were then put under arrest for disorderly conduct and a felony for dangerous possession of a firearm.

No injuries were reported.