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Gov Eric Holcomb dressed in a suit at a posium

Source: PHOTO: Gov. Holcomb on Twitter

INDIANAPOLIS — Now that the bill banning gender-affirming care has been passed by the state legislature, it’s now up to Gov. Eric Holcomb to decide if the bill will become law.

The bill would make it illegal for anyone in Indiana under the age of 18 to get gender-affirming care, such as hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and even gender reassignment surgery or other related cosmetic surgeries.

Gov. Holcomb said on Wednesday that he will act on the bill, but he remains tight-lipped on just how he will act.

“I’ll take the time to go through it word for word before making my final decision,” said Holcomb. “But I won’t dither. This could make it to my desk today or tomorrow or in short order, and we will put the right time into it.”

Opponents of the bill say that parents have the right to decide what is best medically for their transgender child. Holcomb is in slight disagreement there.

“It’s a parents’ right and responsibility to care for that child’s health, but it’s also their legal obligation,” Holcomb said. “But, what is legally permissible for a minor on this front or other examples are dealt with in the statehouse, by the legislature.”

If Holcomb signs the bill into law, the ACLU of Indiana has vowed to immediately file a federal lawsuit against the state. A similar law was placed on hold by a federal judge in Arkansas in December as that case awaits a trial.