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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — An agreement has been reached.

Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians and management have been in conflict over pay, performances, and more since last year.  Finally, the two sides have agreed upon a new contract, which should remain in effect until August 2026.

A black and white portrait of the fingers of a hand of a flutist musician gripping down on the valves of a silver metal flute to play a note of a musical piece during a concert.

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While the exact details of the new contract were not provided, a Musician Spokesperson said it includes wage increases and a longer-running performance season.  Philharmonic President and CEO Brittany Hall said, “The Philharmonic has a bright future….”

Concerts will kick off again starting March 24th of this year, as the Philharmonic performs with the Fort Wayne Ballet on Swan Lake.  Check out the calendar of upcoming events here.

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