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INDIANAPOLIS — A small political party held a rally on Monument Circle Saturday to protest the recent deaths of people in police custody.

The names of Tyre Nichols in Memphis and Herman Whitfield III in Indianapolis were mentioned many times as people spoke to the small gathering demanding changes in how the police do their jobs.

“At this point, these videos are almost like the lynching postcards of days past, where police are going to be sharing this around just like the Brianna Taylor videos,” said Noah Leininger, a spokesperson for the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Nichols was beaten to death by five police officers in Memphis last month. Whitfield III was tased and held down by Indianapolis officers last year and died.

“Just seeing the videos and what happened with Herman Whitfield and Tyre Nichols, it’s scary,” said protestor Doris Jones.

The group rallied to try and keep both incidents in the public eye as they fear that the police officers involved will not face any consequences.

In Whitfield’s case, the police officers involved have been referred to the Civilian Use of Force Board by IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. As for Nichols’ case, the five officers involved have been fired and are charged with murder.