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106th Running Of The Indianapolis 500

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Do you know Indiana’s signature drink? Some states are synonymous with certain beverages. For example, if you are in California you might expect to sip a glass of fine, red wine from the Napa Valley. Taking a trek around Seattle? You’d be right on target drinking a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks. In Kentucky, you would be on point with a mint julep in hand. So, what would you be drinking in Indiana?

Some in Indiana might be inclined to think Indiana’s signature drink would be a tall glass of cold milk. After all, this is the choice given to winners of the Indy 500. But no, Indiana’s signature drink is not milk. 

106th Running Of The Indianapolis 500

Source: Jamie Squire / Getty

What is Indiana’s official signature drink?

Some states have drinks that are designated as their official state beverages. In fact, the most popular state beverage across the country is milk—19 states claim milk as their official state beverage.

Stacker looked at official state websites, news, culinary profiles, and historic reports that tie specific beverages to states across the country. Some states had several drinks in the running, so in those cases, the majority ruled.

However, according to, Hoosiers like water. Yep. WATER.

Hydration is her beauty secret

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It may not be the most creative state drink, but it certainly is the most important. According to 2007’s 115th General Assembly of Indiana Senate Resolution 20, the official beverage of Indiana is water. It went down like this:

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A Senate Resolution recognizing water as the official beverage of Indiana:

Whereas, Water makes life possible;

Whereas, Water is the single most vital resource in the world;

Whereas, Our water quality is quite fragile and the responsibility lies with us to protect and restore our precious water resources;

Whereas, Clean water is important to retain the environmental integrity and economic and aesthetic values of Indiana lakes, streams, wetlands, and ground water;

Whereas, Water plays a critical role in securing a healthy and vibrant Indiana society, and clean water must be available for all Hoosiers to enjoy;

Whereas, Water is a vital part of our daily lives and the basic element for a prosperous community;

Whereas, The Clean Water Indiana program is essential for the health of Hoosier citizens;

Whereas, Water is significant in maintaining the wealth of recreational opportunities and natural areas rich in

wildlife habitats;

Whereas, Protecting our water resources and improving our quality of life is essential for future generations; and

Whereas, The quality of water we consume should be of the utmost importance to every Hoosier: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

SECTION 1. That the Indiana Senate declares water to be the official beverage of the Hoosier state.

SECTION 2. That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to Governor Mitch Daniels and Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.