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picture of indianapolis police chief randal taylor

INDIANAPOLIS — He’s frustrated and angry with gun violence throughout Indianapolis.

In one month, Indianapolis has racked up a combination of dozens of shootings, stabbings, accidental gun injuries, and murders. Several teenagers have been shot and killed so far this year. Chief Randall Taylor with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department says this is a trend that needs to be stopped.

“We’ve had too many people that have not only injured themselves, but have injured others and killed others, here in the last few weeks” says Chief Taylor in a YouTube video released Monday, “those who possess firearms have a responsibility to use them and handle them safely.”

In 2022, Indianapolis recorded 226 homicides, making it the third year in a row with a total homicide count over 200. The homicide record was set in 2021.

IMPD has made a few attempts at reducing gun violence by introducing new technology meant to track down suspects. This includes license plate readers and more cameras in violent neighborhoods and street corners. IMPD also tested out a pilot version of a gunshot detection system, which would help police respond more quickly to a shooting, rather than waiting for a witness to call 911.

Chief Taylor says witnesses and community tips are the biggest help for detectives, “they do a great job in their investigation of these crimes, but it’s not one sided – we do need the communities help.”

IMPD still has 147 unsolved murders left over from 2022. If you have information that could help police, call IMPD or Crime Stoppers.