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INDIANAPOLIS — Homicides and murders were down by more than 10-percent in Indianapolis throughout 2022.

That was the initial goal of a program rolled out by the city last year to crack down on gun violence. There were 225 homicides in 2022, that’s down just over 13-percent from the 260 last year.

As far as murders, there were 211 people intentionally killed, down 12-percent from 240 in 2021.

Mayor Joe Hogsett released this statement on New Year’s Day on the decreases:

“This successful effort is thanks to a large-scale collaboration between City agencies, law enforcement, and grassroots organizations. But this is no celebration. We are still not where we want to be. And we continue grieving for the families and communities who have lost individuals to senseless acts of violence.”

Chief Taylor said, “I’ve often said I’d much rather people decide not to commit a crime than us having to send them off somewhere to prison, or whatever in order to try and correct that issue. That’s why I was encouraged about the mayor and the city-county council giving money to some grassroots organizations that are trying to help with that. If we can keep people from committing those crimes in the first place we’re all in a better spot.”