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INDIANAPOLIS--The day before the election Democratic candidate for Senate and Mayor of Hammond Tom McDermott, says he believes Indiana will elect Democrats again and show itself to be a purple state.

He’s referring to the colors red for Republican and blue for Democrat, used by news media.

“What I hope is, if I’m not successful, is that it’s close. and that we prove to people across the country that Indiana’s not a deep red state, that we’re a purple state,” said McDermott, greeting early voters at the City-County Building in Indianapolis Monday.

“We used to win here and we’re gonna win here again,” he said.

McDermott, along with other Democrats running for state office, Destiny Wells, running for Secretary of State, Jess McClellan for State Treasurer and ZeNai Brooks for State Auditor, greeted people voting early in a last-day ask for people to vote Democrat.

When McDermott was asked about Democrat Frank Mrvan possibly losing his seat to Jennifer Ruth Green, he said he doesn’t believe that’s the way it will go down election night.

“I don’t that’s gonna happen, I’ll be honest with you. I’m from the region. I know that there’s a lot of attention being focused on the 1st Congressional District and I expect Frank Mrvan to win handily,” he said. “I don’t really believe the national narrative that Congressman Mrvan is in trouble. I think he’s gonna win easily and prove to the nation and prove to Indiana that the 1st Congression District is a Democratic district.

Democrats currently hold no state-wide office.

McDermott said his mission on the final day of early voting was to “get out the vote”.

“It’s all about turnout at this point. I mean, election day is today. Quite frankly election day has been for the last two weeks.”