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KOKOMO, Ind. — A burglar was stopped when their victims fought back, leaving them at gunpoint until police could arrive.

Thursday morning around 3:30a.m. that burglar, 18-year-old Marrell Tyler from Marrillville, entered a student housing apartment community Annex of Kokomo on Washington and West Boulevard Streets.

The Kokomo Police Department says Tyler broke into the apartment with a ski mask and gun, but three men in the apartment fought back.

After Tyler pointed his gun at the men, they jumped into action to fight him. In the fight, they knocked the gun away from the robber, then he pulled out a second gun which fired but did not hit anybody.

One of the men fighting back retrieved his own gun, which he used to hold Tyler at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police say that Tyler had multiple injuries to his face from the fight.

After Tyler was arrested he was taken to the hospital, then to the Howard County Criminal Justice Center where he was preliminarily charged with burglary.