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CARMEL, Ind.--Angela Grabovsky, the Republican candidate for Congress running against Andre Carson, the 7th District representative, doesn’t live in the 7th District. She lives in Carmel. While that is completely legal, she answered questions about why it might be bad optics, at

“One of our largest businesses, a real estate business that provides housing for people with disabilities and mental illnesses is located on 42nd and Post,” she said.

Grabovsky also said she and her husband both have businesses in various places in Indianapolis.

LINK: The IndyPolitics story and interview

“I think it’s ludicrous to say that only people who live south of 96th St. understand the district and people who live north of 96th St. don’t understand it.”

Grabovsky, an immigrant from Ukraine, says she came to Indy 33 years ago, and has lived in the area.

“My life is in the district. I spend 10 to 12 hours everyday servicing the people of the district,” she said.

Grabovsky said she has been largely ignored by her opponent, acknowledging that he has a hold on the seat.