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If there’s one thing the world is desperately lacking, it’s socially-conscious sandwiches that promote equality.

Enter Burger King with its all-new “Pride Whopper!”

The flame-grilled meaty delight features the same ingredients as the chain’s regular burger, but with “two equal buns.”

And that’s not all, hungry patron! You can choose WHICH SIDE of the bun you prefer! So regardless of whether you’re a top or a bottom kind of guy or gal, Burger King has you covered.

Take a peak:


Sadly, you’ll have to travel to Austria if you want the all-new “Pride Whopper,” and you’ll have to get there by June 20. Call AAA to make travel arrangements and tell them Hammer and Nigel sent you.

Dear God:

Please send an asteroid at once. Amen.

Now, enjoy Kendall and Casey.