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INDIANAPOLIS To know what the Colts really thought of Carson Wentz’s 2021 season, we got our final answer on Wednesday.

In trading Wentz to the Washington Commanders, the Colts said one year was enough in the evaluation of a player that cost them their first round pick in 2022.

Wentz Trade Details:

Commanders get: Carson Wentz, Pick 2-47 (from Colts)

Colts get: 2022 Pick 2-42 (from Commanders), 2022 Pick 3-73 (from Commanders), 2023 Round 3 Pick (from Commanders), which could bump up to a 2nd rounder if Wentz plays 70 percent of the offensive snaps in 2022

Washington is also absorbing the entire $28 million due to Wentz this year.

It’s an impressive haul for the Colts, especially given their public comments on Wentz after the season.

With Washington eating up all of Wentz’s salary, that gives the Colts an NFL-best more than $70 million in cap space.

Considering what the Colts thought of Wentz after this season, that’s a pretty solid haul for a player they didn’t want under center again.

A week before free agency, with realistic upgrades at quarterback hard to find, the Colts have sent a clear message to the entire NFL.

Wentz wasn’t worth another season as the Colts quarterback. And now Indianapolis is again searching for a quarterback, without an obvious answer.

Following Wentz’s one year starting in Indy, the important decision makers of the Colts didn’t sniff any public support for No. 2.

It became clear very quickly that the Colts would explore every option possible to move on from Wentz.

Even though Wentz was benefitting from the league’s top runner, he could not keep the passing offense at an acceptable level in the efficiency departments.

In 2021, Wentz ranked 25th in completion percentage (62.4%) and 21st in yards per attempt (6.9 YPA). That combination did not sit well with the Colts, particularly with what the Colts gave up for Wentz.

Wentz’s pass catching group shouldn’t be viewed as very supportive, yet that wasn’t much of a reason to keep the QB in the eyes of Jim Irsay, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich.

Issues with Wentz’s play wasn’t the sole reason for moving on after just one season. Internal problems with Wentz’s stubbornness played a role, too.

Where the Colts will turn is anyone’s guess as they will start a new quarterback for a 6th straight year (2017: Scott Tolzien, 2018: Andrew Luck, 2019: Jacoby Brissett, 2020: Philip Rivers, 2021: Carson Wentz, 2022: TBD).

The free agency quarterback class in 2022 looks like a bunch of backups. Trading for a QB that would be an upgrade over Wentz is hard to find with the Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers situations solved. The 2022 draft class is thought to be one of the poorest in years.

Currently, the Colts have two quarterbacks under contract for 2022: Sam Ehlinger (0 career passes thrown and James Morgan (0 career passes thrown).

The Colts will see Wentz this fall, with Washington playing at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2022.