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INDIANAPOLIS — The man who says he was the victim of a hate crime at Lake Monroe last year was arrested again last weekend.

Vauhxx Booker is the man who says he was attacked by two white men at Lake Monroe in 2020 but was later charged with criminal trespassing by a special prosecutor.

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Now he’s charged with the battery of a public safety official, a felony that carries at least six months in prison.

Booker was at a downtown Indy bar on Sunday when he said intoxicated bar staffers were yelling racial slurs at him. Police were called.

The officer wrote in the affidavit, “I was approached by a black male yelling about the staff members at Ollie’s bar being intoxicated, rude yelling and screaming racist comments to him.”

The officer says there was a clear disagreement between the two parties involved. The officer encouraged Booker to contact the owner of Ollie’s and advised the restaurant staff to have Booker leave the business if both parties couldn’t come to an agreement.

When the officers explained why no one would be arrested, Booker became “very agitated and angry,” and then shouted to another IMPD officer “about killing blacks in Indianapolis.”

An IMPD supervisor eventually showed up and started piecing together a police report. Booker gave the supervisor his driver’s license as identification for the report and as the supervisor was running his information, Booker began yelling a the supervisor and shoved him. The supervisor shoved him back and then place handcuffs on Booker.

All officers there wore body cameras.