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PLYMOUTH, Ind.–An 11-month-old girl who had been reported missing Sunday in Plymouth, was found dead in Starke County, said Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman, at a news conference Thursday morning.

Her parents, Tiffany Coburn and Kenneth Lain, were charged with neglect of a dependent for handing the child over to Justin Miller, who was also charged with neglect of a dependent, resulting in death. A conviction on that charge could carry a 20 to 40-year sentence.

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“Yesterday afternoon after several times being interviewed, Justin Miller led officers to this location in Starke County,” said Chipman.

Her body was found in the woods, not far from the Marshall County line. Court documents indicate that Miller told police he woke up and found the girl dead at a house in Mishawaka, then took her body to the woods.

Chipman said a cause of death had not been determined and he was reluctant to talk about any part of the case that was not already in court documents.

“We’re still…we haven’t even had an autopsy yet. Actually, she was wrapped in…it’s not in the affidavit. I can’t go into it,” he said.

He said police got a call about the child being missing and went to a motel in Plymouth. But, the parents were tough to find.

“The conversations and the timelines that were provided were so garbled. You’ll also see there was evidence of drug use,” said Chipman. He said the parents finally told police they handed their child off to Miller so they could have some peace and quiet for the weekend. Miller never returned her.

Chipman said there was no proof the parents knew anything about what had happened to the girl, and they were quite upset when they were informed the child was found dead.