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INDIANAPOLIS — Are you attending some March Madness games and looking for merchandise?

Several shops have popped up in downtown Indianapolis, with official March Madness shirts, hoodies, hats, drink ware, flags, and more.

Leon Gendrasko has been selling merchandise at big sporting events for years. In February, he was down in Tampa for the Super Bowl. Now, he’s in Indy, in charge of the shop at the corner of Illinois and Maryland streets.

T-Shirts with the 2021 Final Four logo

(PHOTO: Rob Connett/WIBC)

“We’re here for the next three weeks, right up to the championship game,” he said. “And more stuff will come in as time goes by. We’ll have the Sweet 16, and Elite 8, and the Final Four shirts.”

Right now, he said the most popular items are hats and the long-sleeve shirt that has the logo of every team that made this year’s tournament.

Gendrasko says he’s a fan of the entire NCAA men’s basketball tournament being held in Indianapolis this year due to COVID.

“Instead of us traveling to different cities after each round, like Omaha, down to San Antonio, then meeting up here, we’re having it all in one location,” he said, “It’s a lot more convenient logistic wise.”