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COLUMBUS, Ind. — For the fourth time in two weeks, Columbus police have arrested a person for drunk driving in the drive-thru lane of a fast-food restaurant.

Police were called to the McDonald’s on National Road early Sunday morning after a crash in the drive-thru lane.

When officers arrived, one of the drivers involved in the crash, later identified as 30-year-old Ramon Cruz, tried to drive away. Police stopped Cruz’s vehicle and saw several empty beer cans inside it.

Cruz later failed several field sobriety tests and a breath test showed he was nearly two-times over the legal limit of .08, say Columbus police.

Cruz was arrested and taken to the Bartholomew County Jail on a preliminary charge of Operating a Vehicle with a Breath Alcohol Level of .15% or Greater.

Cruz is the fourth drunk driving suspect to be arrested at a Columbus fast-food drive-thru lane in the last two weeks.