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INDIANAPOLIS–You’ve probably gotten frustrated over the past nine or ten months, if you’re a parent. Some schools have been all virtual learning. Some have been switching back and forth, depending on how the pandemic has affected staff and students. You may have had to become a teacher, and work from home at the same time.

A Webinar for parents and teachers may be able to help answer some questions about how to do it better.

LISTEN: Kevin Eikenberry talks about a way to help parents and teachers.

“We’re just trying to take some of the things we’ve been learning in working with clients around the world and bring it home to our homes and how we make that work,” said Kevin Eikenberry, author of “The Long Distance Leader” and co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute, in Indianapolis.

The webinar is Jan. 13, and registration is at .

Eikenberry said his team has been working with clients around the world to offer guidance on remote working during the pandemic, and they are partnering with Byron Ernest, an education expert and member of the Indiana State School Board, to bring that expertise to the schooling from home situation.

He said one of the major challenges is the uncertainty.

“Like, if we can tell our kids we only have to do this until this date. But, maybe you already did that three time,” he said.

Another challenge is finding out how the kids learn best and what the hang-ups are.

“I tell leaders all the time that we don’t have to have the answers, we need to raise the questions with our team, and I would say the same thing with our children,” said Eikenberry. “Ask what they need. Ask where they’re stuck. Ask what’s hard for them because us assuming what will work and won’t work, won’t help.”

He said the webinar is meant to bring together thinking from the education world and business world to better the situation for kids and parents.