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There’s a lot of benefits to artificial Christmas trees. However, it’s easy to step back and get discouraged when it looks bare in some spots, awkward folded branches, and you can clearly see the pole. Pat has some GREAT tips he and his staff have been using personally for years to keep it looking in-store filled and perfect.

Firstly, get comfortable! The best way to begin shaping your tree is to do each section individually. Take the bottom section and place it on a table. When the section is more eye-level, not only will it help you see each branch better, it’ll save your back.

Begin shaping from the inside or back of the branch. Bend each branch in different directions, follow a pattern like left, right, middle- whatever looks best to you! As your bending the branches, be sure to open any wings or additional areas that need separated. In the midst of shaping, it’s easy to miss those bunches.

After each section is filled out, go ahead and stack the tree together. Take a step back and look for any visible divides between the sections where you can see the pole, use branches to fill in those spots.

Tip: If have a tree with built-in lights, do a check that each bulb is lit. If you see a bulb out, be sure to take care of that ASAP. One burned out bulb will quickly affect the whole strand. The easiest way to repair a bulb is with a Light Keeper Gun. 

Now you have a full, fluffed, and merry O’Christmas tree to enjoy the whole month long (or longer, hey you put work into that!)