Sentiment – Amused

HAMMOND, Ind. — A sneezing fit is what caused a truck driver to lose control of his semi Thursday morning in Hammond. Steven Baker, of East Prairie, Mo., was getting off of the interstate at Indianapolis Boulevard when he started coughing and sneezing. He got so distracted that he had to swerve to avoid a […]

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — It’s an unusual local law, but it’s been in place in Terre Haute for quite some time — you are not allowed to keep chickens in city limits. It’s ruffled the feathers of some people that live in Terre Haute. There’s even a “Haute Hens” Facebook group. WTHI says the issue […]

INDIANAPOLIS — First responders will be facing off in a basketball game.    It’s not your normal basketball game. Hoops and Heroes is a friendly competition for a good cause. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indianapolis Fire Department will compete to see which team is better at basketball. The first Hoops and Heroes was […]

Great news, America! WIBC’s beloved “Mock” of the “Mock n’ Rob Show” isn’t dead! She had a fever. She had nausea and headaches. She even vomited a couple of times. But those are all very common symptoms of working with WIBC’s Rob Kendall. “Mock” finally realized she might have the Rona when she noticed that […]