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A new viral video is making the rounds on TikTok: the Brainstorm vs Green Needle challenge.

What The Heck It Is:

TikTok user ‘Sophie” plays a strange demonic possession-like audio sound and then challenges you to decipher which word you hear.

Sophie writes two words on the screen: Brainstorm and Alien. Whichever one you read whilst listening to the audio, you will supposedly hear.

How The Stank to Try It Yourself:

How The Crap It Works:

The voice from hell is saying Brainstorm – not Green Needle.

According to a professor from University College London who spoke with the Huffington Post: “The reason that a person can see their perception switch without explanation may also mean that our ears and brain have latched on to the other acoustic pattern than the one they were previously latching on to.”

Translation: The good doc isn’t exactly sure how it works either.

(Jolygon/Getty Images)