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Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing backlash for claiming in a recent interview that “Latinos are black.”

During an interview with Telemundo, AOC was asked, “What do you think the Latinx community should do to stop racism among them and among other races?”

“A lot of times I’ll hear people say, ‘OK, this is about Black Lives Matter, what about Latinos?’ and I always say, Latinos are black! We are Afro-Latina, and we run an entire racial spectrum,” Ocasio-Cortez replied.

She continued, “We have to have conversations around ‘colorism,’ and we have to have conversations about the African and indigenous roots from which we come and how that’s reflected in systems of power, wealth inequality, and frankly, our political system.”

Changing Views: Last year, in an MSNBC interview, AOC proclaimed she wasn’t black. “My identity is the descendant of many different identities. I am the descendant of African slaves. I am the descendant of indigenous people. I am the descendant of Spanish colonizers… I am a descendant of all sorts of folks. That doesn’t mean I’m black, that doesn’t mean I’m native, but I can tell the story of my ancestors.”

Let’s go to former Vice President Joe Biden for a ruling:

Joe Biden Meme: "You Ain't Black"

Good enough!

WIBC host Tony Katz offers additional commentary in the clip below.

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