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INDIANAPOLIS–Leaders of Faith in Indiana say some of their demands have been acknowledged since this past weekend when they demanded justice from Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett. The group, which describes itself as an advocacy group for racial justice, gathered in downtown Indy to restate demands, Thursday.

“We demand that our police force demonstrates commitment through strategic change, to serve and protect every citizen in our city,” said Pastor Richard Reynolds, of New Revelation Christian Church. “We demand respect for every citizen in our city.”

While respect may not be measurable by means of government, another one of the group’s demands is: the use of body cams by police.

“It is inexcusable that money has been budgeted for the purchase and implementation of body cams, but body cams have not been implemented for our officers,” said Reynolds.

Mayor Hogsett promised that those cameras will be in use this summer. He promised that following the death of “Sean” Reed, killed by police officers after they say he led them on a chase, bailed and pointed a gun at them. Reed’s mother and her attorney deny that’s what happened.

Police were not wearing body cams and the video is from Reed’s own Facebook live feed, which contains audio and video of blue sky because the phone was laid on its back during the incident.

Fait in Indiana is also demanding aggressive disciplinary policies for police who “get out of line” with citizens, “discipline that includes termination and criminal charges being filed against the perpetrators of police violence and terror on our streets.”

Reynolds also said the group demands that violence is a last resort. He said that he believes there are too many repeat offenders in the police department, whose violence or aggressive behavior are going unpunished.