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Presumed sexual predator and probable Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden loves to string various words together in a usually-failed attempt to construct coherent sentences. In fact, next to sniffing babes’ hair, it’s like his third or fourth favorite thing ever.

More recently, Befuddled Biden has been almost exclusively focused on one topic and one topic only. When he’s NOT denying allegations of sexual assault, however, creepy Uncle Joe likes to weigh in on China and the crucial importance of engaging in intercourse with China.

Now some people are very anti-China these days – what with all the hoopla about that little infectious disease they “accidentally” unleashed upon the world, the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 – which under NO circumstances may be referred to as the “Chinese virus,” the “Wuhan Coronavirus,” the “Kung-Flu,” or the “Chinese Bat Flu Virus from Wuhan, China that was covered up by China and later infected the rest of the world due to people in China leaving China after being infected in China and bringing the Chinese virus out of China and into countries like the United States” – has killed roughly 80,000 Americans, but Joe Biden is putting the blame for that squarely where it belongs: on President Trump.

The great thing about blaming President Trump for everything is that no matter what the narrative on China, you can still go after the Orange Bastard.

Option 1: Trump blames China for the outbreak, exposes China and the WHO’s efforts to manipulate data, and shuts down travel from China in response to Coronavirus = Trump is a racist.

Option 2: Trump works with China and praises their efforts to combat Coronavirus = Trump is soft and didn’t do enough to protect Americans from the virus.

And in the midst of all this is Joe Biden: a man who can’t remember what he said three minutes ago – let alone as far back as a year or more.

Here’s Joe Biden on February 25, 2020 calling President Xi Jinping a ‘thug’:


But Here’s Joe Biden on March 12, 2020, slamming Trump and asserting that the President’s harsh rebuke of China for the Coronavirus outbreak is ‘Xenophobic’:

But Here’s a Joe Biden campaign ad in which he criticizes President Trump for not being tougher on China:

Uh oh. But here’s Joe Biden in May of 2019 making China out to be “nice folk,” but bumbling morons (Hello, pot. How’s kettle?):

Whoospy! But here’s an interview with Joe Biden from March of 2020 saying Trump wasn’t specifically prepared for a pandemic:

Well, golly-wolly! Because here’s Joe Biden downplaying pandemics, Ebola, and noting that there is “no existential threat” to the United States:

And here’s Joe Biden WAY BACK in April of 2009, discussing the Swine Flu pandemic:

Gosh. That was 11 years ago. It almost seems like maybe Barack Obama and Joe Biden should have taken steps over the course of two terms in office to better prepare the U.S. for the NEXT pandemic, doesn’t it?

Hey, look! Joe Biden playing the role of a televangelist by telling a cripple to get up and walk:

The Chicks on the Right comment on Joe’s shifting narrative in the clip below.