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GARY, Ind. – The Diocese of Gary has released a list of 10 former priests from within the Diocese that it says were found guilty of  “credible actions of sexual molestation of minors.”

The document includes the name of the priests, the number of accusations made against them, and the actions taken by the church. The information is based upon a review of Diocesan records and will be supplemented if necessary, the Diocese said upon the document’s release.

Diocesan records show disciplinary actions for seven individuals:

Terrence Chase | Allegations: 1

  • Action Taken: Removed from public ministry; laicized (had priestly powers removed) Jan. 2016.

Richard Emerson | Allegations: 4

  • Action Taken: Laicized July 2006.

Don Grass | Allegations: 1

  • Action Taken: Removed from public ministry in 2004 and was no longer allowed to present himself as a priest. Died in July 2010.

George Kavungal, CMI | Allegations: 6

  • Action Taken: Removed from public ministry; last known to be in India

Ambrose McGinnity | Allegations: 6

  • Action Taken: Removed from public ministry in 1993. Died in Feb. 2000.

Stanley Staniszewski | Allegations: 2

  • Action Taken: Left the Diocese of Gary in 1983 and removed from public ministry. Died in April 2016.

Stephen Varga | Allegations: 1

  • Action Taken: Laicized 1970. Died in July 2006.

Diocesan records show no disciplinary actions for three former priests: Joseph Buczyna (one allegation); Julian Jercha (three allegations); and Louis Jeziorski (three allegations). All three men are deceased.

Click here to view the document in PDF form at the Diocese of Gary website.

The Most Reverend Donald Hying, bishop of Gary, released a statement Aug. 15 addressing recent reports of sexual abuse in the church.

“The crimes and sins of priest perpetrators and the bishops who covered up their wrongdoing continue to cast horrible shadows of pain, suffering and distrust, both in the lives which have been shattered by the abuse as well as all members in the Church,” Hying wrote. 

He continued: “We pray that this painful process of shedding light on these horrible crimes will produce greater accountability, transparency and vigilance in all levels of the Church.”

Information on how to report sexual abuse to law enforcement and to the Diocese of Gary is available online. Click here to visit the Diocese of Gary website.

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