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INDIANAPOLIS–Snow plows are needed. By tomorrow, no plows will be needed. Every part of Indiana is expected to warm up, and the temperatures will be spring-like, says the National Weather Service.

“Essentially we’re gonna see flow coming from the south and southwest over the weekend and into the rest of next week,” said Meteorologist Jason Puma. “As with the polar vortex event, all of our winds were coming out of the north, coming out of the polar, coming out of the arctic area.”

That is changing. The winds are expected to come from the south, bringing in much warmer air and rain by Monday.

“It’s a far cry from low temperatures that were below zero or some 60 degrees colder, just days earlier.”

Puma said another cold blast can’t be ruled out.

“That’s certainly not out of the question. We have plenty of time where we could see another arctic blast come through,” he said.

GRAPHIC: National Weather Service