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Forrest Grump is returning to movie theaters for the 25th anniversary of the film!

Fans can grab their box of chocolates (See what we did there?) and get their fix of Forrest on June 23 or 25. 

Thrilling though the news might be, the “Return of Forrest Gump” announcement is also reviving an ongoing debate among fans of the film regarding one of its central characters, “Jenny” (pronounced “Gin-Neigh”). Specifically, what caused poor old “Jenny” to die? Was it AIDS? Was it Hepatitis C? Did “Forrest” forget the safe word and accidentally choke her to death during some innocent role playing in the bedroom?

The Chicks on the Right battled it out over the cause of “Jenny’s” demise on today’s show.

By the way, Paramount Pictures plans to release a two-disc Blu-ray package which will be loaded with extras to celebrate the Academy Award winning film, and the first 100 discs will come with a vile of “Jenny’s” ashes. 

Get tickets for the return of “Forrest Gump” here, via Fathom Events.