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INDIANAPOLIS–Christina Hale wants to represent you in Washington, replacing Rep. Susan Brooks, a Republican, who announced earlier this year that she will not be running again. Brooks represents the 5th District, which includes Carmel and the north side of Indianapolis.

“Every single bill I passed had Republican and Democrat support,” said Hale, in an interview Thursday. She said she will focus more on the issues than on party politics.

“I really enjoyed working with anyone and everyone who wanted to get things done, rather than sit around with endless bickering,” she said, recalling her time in the state legislature, which began in 2012. Hale said that despite her serving in the “super minority”, she was able to get some bills passed. She specifically cited a bill that she worked on with Rep. Ben Smaltz, a Republican, to keep people who committed violent crimes against children to set foot on school property.

She said the friction between Republicans and Democrats are what fuels her to overcome it.

“It’s what inspires me to work with the other side.”

Hale said she believes focusing on families will help her keep the petty differences at bay. She said Hoosier families, like many across the country, are at a disadvantage because of debt, like student loans.

“I know what it’s like to begin to pay back those student loans and to buy your first house and I think we need people that understand these kitchen table issues and understand what families are facing,” said Hale. She said one of the big issues is health care. She did not say whether she would vote to enhance or repeal ObamaCare, saying instead that it’s not a binary or black and white issue.

“We have far too many people in Indiana with pre-existing conditions and their coverage is being threatened right now. I think there is much that we can do to ensure that insurance companies aren’t making decisions over who gets covered.”


While that may seem like a heavy-handed notion about the role of government, she said she believes there should be a balance in the role government plays in your life.

“We all want traffic lights. We all appreciate our police force. But, also there are times when government needs to stay out.”

Hale said that while she doesn’t have a particular beef with Brooks, or her policies, and has worked with her on several matters, she would still run, had Brooks not announced she was not running.

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