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A teacher in Vacaville, California who was pranked by the school’s janitor with the classic “Stapler in Jell-O” bit decided to pay the prank forward.

English teacher Ryan Price walked into his classroom Monday morning to discover his stolen stapler had been submerged in gelatinous goodness of an aqua-colored persuasion.

Ryan, who works hard to mold young minds and prepare his students for a glorious future in which they might one day land a professional job far, far away from the Communist Republic of California, used his best Encyclopedia Brown investigation skills and discovered the school’s custodian was responsible for the prank.

“I immediately knew who did it: The janitor, he’s always pulling pranks on me,” Ryan told multiple viewers.

Ryan, a lover of pranks who rarely comes up with ideas of his own, decided to pay the prank forward by blaming one of his students for the gelatinous suffocation of his precious Swingline.

In video made available exclusively to every single person on the planet with access to the internet, Ryan is seen yelling at his class before turning to one of his young and impressionable students and forcing him to retrieve the sticky and submerged equipment for conveniently binding paper.

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