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Police lights

Source: (PHOTO: Thinkstock/barbol88)

INDIANAPOLIS — Police have arrested a man in a deadly two car crash from February.

Indiana State Police say it was around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, February 22nd, when a trooper caught a person driving a Mustang, spinning tires and sliding all over a parking lot near 10th Street and Tibbs Avenue. The driver hit 10th Street and kept speeding, even after the trooper flipped on their lights.

The driver refused to stop and kept zig-zagging on the west side of Indianapolis around 10th Street. The driver then headed towards Michigan Street and Holt Road, blew through a red light, and smashed into a Buick.

Police believe the Mustang hit the Buick at 100 miles per hour.

Both the Mustang and Buick had two people inside each. The driver of the Buick is still in “very critical condition”, says Indiana State Police. The passengers in both cars were also seriously hurt. The driver of the Mustang, who started the chase in the first place, was seriously hurt and taken to a hospital in Indianapolis where they were identified as Joseph Means, 24, of New Palestine. Means had to take a blood test in the hospital. While there, police got a search warrant for the car and found cocaine and weed. Means has since been released from the hospital and was immediately arrested.

Joseph Means faces charges of Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle Causing Catastrophic Injury, Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle Causing Serious Bodily Injury, and Possession of Cocaine.