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Brad Chambers Running for Governor


INDIANAPOLIS — Brad Chambers the former Indiana Secretary of Commerce filed to run for governor of the state of Indiana on Wednesday.

He submitted a filing of over 7,000 signatures collected in four months.

Chambers was interviewed by Abdul Hakim-Shabazz of Where he gave his reasoning for why he has chosen now to run for office.

“I believe in Indiana, I believe Indiana is great, but it can be even better. I think a non-politician career business guy can run the state and grow us into the future, and lift people up through economic prosperity. That’s why I am running for governor.” said Chambers.

According to Chambers campaign website, he is the only candidate currently running for governor who has not run for office before.

He previously served in the appointed position of Secretary of Commerce, when asked about how his experience in that position may translate to the role of governor, Chambers said his record speaks for itself.

“I think my tenure there was record breaking and historic. We grew wages 30% more than any time in state history. We brought $51 Billion of new investment to the state. High wage jobs that are going to keep our kids and grandkids in the state.” Chambers continued, “We can’t fix education without a growing economy. We can’t fix health care, and mental health, and address public safety without a growing economy.”

Chambers first step to the Governor’s office will be the primary as he runs against fellow republicans like Senator Mike Braun, and the current Lt. Governor Suzanna Crouch. The Republican primary is set for May 7th.