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Police lights and crime scene tape.

Source: (Photo by WISH-TV.)

BEECH GROVE, IND — A teenage girl was arrested on Tuesday after saying she fired at least 12 shots off in the parking lot at Beech Grove High School, where the girl’s game sectional tournament was being played.

Police used eyewitness accounts to track down the shooter, who tried to hide her clothes and the gun.
“The juvenile was transported back to police headquarters,” said Deputy Police Chief Tom Hurrle. “Police encountered a person on foot, and the witnesses identified the person as the person who had fired the shots. Police recovered 12 shell casings.”

The police took her to the station. Since the parents didn’t allow questioning, they ended up arresting her and charging her with criminal recklessness.
“What would help this case would be if whatever was going on between this person and an unknown third party if they came forward to talk, but I suspect that won’t be the case,” said Hurrle.
Hurrle mentioned that the police are figuring out if the shooting target was in the gym. He also noted a rise in crimes involving teenagers, attributing it to state laws that make it challenging for law enforcement to hold young offenders accountable for violent acts.
“In our pursuit to make sure juveniles become good citizens and aren’t products of the system, we are definitely putting normal, law-abiding at risk,” added Hurrle.