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Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

Minimum wage workers will be receiving a raise as half of the U.S. states will be making their minimum wage higher this year.

Minimum-wage increases will go into effect in 22 states on Jan. 1, and three additional states will raise their minimum wage later in the year: Nevada and Oregon on July 1, and Florida on Sept. 30. These increases range from 23 cents to $2, putting the new state minimum wages in the range of $10.30 to $16.28. Washington state will have the highest minimum wage in the U.S. in 2024 at $16.28 an hour, followed by California at $16.

In Hawaii, workers will receive the largest increase, raising its minimum wage to $14 an hour.

In addition to the state increases, workers in almost 40 counties and metropolitan areas will see raises that will put their minimum hourly pay higher than their state’s minimum wage. Denver for example, has increased the city’s minimum wage to $18.29, topping Colorado’s rate of $14.42 an hour.

The increases come as employees across the nation are struggling to adjust to higher costs due to inflation.