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So, here’s this guy egging people to go to the Capitol… This guy is on video numerous times, saying “Go to the Capitol”. His name comes up and the next thing you know nobody one wants to talk to him. And people are like, “how can you not want to talk to this guy? You’re charging everybody under the sun with every crime you can think of” … It doesn’t take some kind of Trump-ophant, sycophant for Trump, to notice that there are people have been arrested in all of this who are being treated horribly by our government. Yet there are people who have treated our country horribly and nothing happens to them. Destroying police stations during the George Floyd riots, destroying parks during the George Floyd riots, destroying businesses during the George Floyd riots. Not a single thing happened to these people.

Ray Epps should have been questioned. He should be one those people you look at. Why are some people getting the riot act read to them, and some of them (like Epps) getting wishy washy sentences?

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