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Blue IV undergoes the surgery,

Source: Butler University / Submitted Photo

INDIANAPOLIS –The Butler University mascot, Butler Blue IV, will not undergo surgery for his torn ACL until he recovers from bronchitis, according to his handler Evan Krauss. The dog’s illness was detected in a routine pre-surgery x-ray, which led to the postponement of his surgery. Krauss mentioned that the surgery will keep him sidelined for a few weeks.


Krauss says that once Blue IV undergoes the surgery, the procedure is relatively routine with minimal risk involved.


“This surgery is not risky, no riskier than any other standard veterinarian procedure,” Krauss says. “We just want to make sure that there is no increased risk going on.”


According to the University’s website, Butler Blue IV is the latest addition to the Butler Blue Live Mascot program, born on October 30, 2019, at Fall Creek Place Animal Clinic.


Evan says he first discovered Blue IV’s injury after a nap. “I noticed he had a limp and was favoring his right leg a bit; I assumed it was from sleeping in a weird position.”

Krauss says Blue is not experiencing severe pain and has been prescribed medication to ensure his comfort. Blue will rest for several weeks to provide a complete recovery. Before the surgery, Blue will need to be gradually taken off the steroids he currently takes for bronchitis. After his surgery, Blue will continue with rest and recovery and gradually be eased back into light-duty activities.


Blue will continue to rest and recover and will be slowly reintroduced to very light-duty activities.


“The amount of love and care in the form of likes, shares, and comments that he has received to his Instagram page have been overwhelming,” added Krauss. “People truly see him as an extension of their families.”